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We are entering a great market to buy homes!  If you are looking to fix and flip, defaults and foreclosures are the the highest they have been in years.  If you are a person wanting to sell your home, now is the time to stage and do some renovations to quickly sell with out having to do price reductions.  I am an experienced Interior Designer and can help select paint colors, flooring, furniture, and accessories, and much more.  


Rental Properties:

If you are looking at acquiring multiplex, single family, condos, or townhomes for rentals this is a great time to get a great deal and rent the property out at top rental rates.  Sometimes just a few updates go a long way to get good quality renters.  I can help you navigate having existing renters, and even can help find new renters. I can put you in touch with a property manager for future assistance.  Also if you need a rental while you are in between homes, I can help you find a rental!


Trades Workers:

No project can be completed without the proper help.  I have a long list of experienced and professional trades workers that are reliable, easy to work with, and respectful.  If you need renovations, time is money, I can help project manage timelines and help to make any of your project renovation a success. 


Good Agents do not stop being your agent when you sign a contract.  They help you start to finish, for years after, and they help your family and your friends.  I am constantly networking to find the most competitive and excellent people to help you.  We are a team!

What ever you are looking for to assist in your home needs, I want to help.  Excellent Lenders, Experienced Title Reps, Exchange Officers, Designers, Trades Workers, Solar Sales Agents, Appliance Dealers, Pool Builders/Repair/Cleaners, Pest Control, Landscapers, House Cleaners, and More. 

I am here to help you.

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